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    Default Your best off season moves for the Knicks based on the projected 2010 cap

    What is YOUR best off season moves for the Knicks based on their cap space and the projected 56.1 Million cap for the 2010 season.

    If the projected cap numbers stick, this will leave the knicks with a few possible salary scenarios and everything being equal; this is MY best lineup and the numbers to make it work.
    The Knicks will have 17.7 mill on the books for 2010 so that will leave them about 38.4 mill under the cap. They also have 2 trade exceptions valued at 3.27 million that can be added to the cap giving them roughly 41.6 mill to play with. The Knicks can either sign 2 Max salaries and have nothing left to spend beside the league minimum and Curry's expiring contract to fill out their roster or they can do a combination of 1 max free agent and 2 mid level agents plus use Curry's expiring contract to nab another mid level guy or use the whole cap to sign 4-6 mid level guys.... Looking at the what guys are on the market (either as free agents or being shopped around) I think the Knicks should take advantage of this market and sign 1 max (Only if that is LaBron or Dirk Nowitski) and 2-3 mid level guys and here is my wish list.

    Starting off with 42.6 million plus Curry's 11.3 remaining contract:
    Sign and trade David Lee for Tony Parker
    Why? In Dantoni's system he needs a pure 1; someone that can general the floor and Tony Parker is the best available guard to do it and he is a top PG in the NBA; a opportunity that doesn't come often.
    Parker has 13.5 Mil left on his contract and I would see if SA does a straight Lee for Parker sign and trade deal. we will say Lee is sign for the exact amount as Parker for easier math (reality it would be a give or take by a mil or 2).

    42.6 - 13.5 = 29.1

    Trade Curry's expiring contract to NO for Okafor.
    Okafor 2010 salary is 11.5 and Curry is is 11.3
    Okafor is a defensive big man at 6' 11" and I would move him back to his natural position at the 4 and with his strength and quickness combo, he should be tremendous force at the 4.

    We end up loosing about 1 mill on the deal leaving us with 29....

    Sign Tyson Chandler for 5 years 50 million and back load it so first year is 8 mil and that is what counts towards the 2010 cap.

    If Chandler is close to healthy he is a 7' 1" 5 that is versatile and a shot blocking machine. With Chandler at the 5 and Okafor at the 4, they are quick enough to run with Dantoni's offense and able to defend their positions.

    This will leave us with 21 Million.

    Try to sign LaBron. If LaBron signs out right for the max, that would be 5 years @ 96.2. That divided by 5 is 19.24 a year. If the Kicks back loaded the contract, they could knock that down to about 17 mil towards the 2010 cap.
    That would give the Knicks around 4 mil to still fill out the roster.
    If the Knicks work out a sign and trade deal with Cleveland to sign LaBron to the Team max 6 year 126 Mil or 21 mil a year; the Knicks could still back load it and knock that number down to about 19 mil for 2010 leaving the Knick 2 Million to fill out the roster. The Knicks could try to include a player in the deal, like Chandler @ 2.1 mill and keep in mind that id they renounce the rights to Rodriguez they get back 2.8 mil and then he is an unrestricted free agent.

    Worst case scenario (LaBron @ 6 years salary):

    Wilson Chandler
    Tony Douglas

    4.9 Mil to fill out the rest of the spots (Based on the fact there is no way they keep Rodriguez).

    Best Scenario (James at 5 year salary):

    Wilson Chandler
    Tony Douglas

    8.9 Mil to fill out the rest of the spots (Again, based on the fact there is no way they keep Rodriguez).

    Depending on the remaining cap space, I would try to sign Drew Gooden to come off the Bench for the 5/4 spots or even see if we could land Ray Allen with the remaining money.

    I think we will get the most bang for our buck this way and this team would make it to the finals!!
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