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    Default Cablevision buys Bresnan

    So Dolan pays 1.4billion for a cable company to western states

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    Playing Knicks game on the west coast isn't a bad idea if we're good next year and all of the New Yorkers who moved out west and become Clippers / Lakers fans jump on the banwagon

    Could also be considered a good selling point. No matter how many games ESPN plays, no other team offers all their games in multiple markets as part of a basic cable deal.

    I'm thinking that's why he overpaid for it with July approaching.

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    it would help but they wont be able to broadcast game there. they can show special and post games on the knicks but not live games.

    im from ny...i live in maryland now and work in ny three daya a week. we have the YES network.. i see all the stuff except the game... i think its a rights issue with the league passes or something like that. when the yankees game comes on .. im watching yankee classic.. bother the hell out of me... but we would get more west coast exposure

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