"(Big C) As the off-season continues there will be many new players added to the Knicks roster as well as five players from last year’s team who are expected to return. One of those players is Eddy Curry.

In recent years Eddy Curry has not been in the best condition. Last season he was injured for almost the entire season. Not to mention his player value has taken a dip like never before.

Last season every time Curry made attempts at a comeback on the court he was hit with another injury. Another reason Curry did not play much was because Mike D’Antoni did not feel Curry could make a contribution to the team. There were many games that Curry was ready to play and Mike D’Antoni did not even look his way to get playing time.

That being said, on the positive side, Curry did lose weight last season. Also, in the few games Curry did play last season we saw him scoring in the paint with ease. Regardless of how you feel about Eddy’s production last year, he wants to get on the court more than anyone.

The upcoming year is Eddy Curry’s final contract year. I’m sure there is no one more disappointed with Eddy Curry’s performance in the last few years than Eddy Curry himself. Curry wants a payday and to become a solid player again. In order for that to happen he must play great in the 2010-11 season.

We have already heard about Eddy Curry has been contacted by Lebron to workout this off-season which is a plus. This should come at no surprise since Eddy Curry and Lebron James share the same agent. If anyone can motivate Curry and inspire him as far as working out it is Lebron James.

Curry getting in shape is not an impossible task. He lost weight before, i.e. last season and the season before he left the Bulls. Aside from his injuries, the real heart of the matter is his ability to maintain his weight loss at his ideal size.

One person that has been on Eddy Curry’s side throughout his struggle to comeback to being a dominate force is Donnie Walsh. Donnie Walsh still feels that Curry can still be an impact player in this league.

Let’s face it, there are not too many dominate centers in this league. Especially ones that can drop close to 20 points a game and draw double teams the way Curry did in the 07 season. That was the same year where Curry even looked like he could give Dwight Howard a run for his money.

If Eddy Curry returns and plays ¾ of the way the did under Isiah I think he would be a solid contributor on the Knicks team; especially if the Knicks are able to get Lebron James or Chris Bosh.

So little has changed over the years in the NBA. A big body in the middle can still be useful. Despite Curry being injured and having problems off the court, he stills has skills offensively that can’t be touched. He has post-up moves from his jump hook, to his spin move going baseline to taking his opponents off dribble for a guy his size. If he is in shape he can get up and down the court.

As of right now, Eddy Curry is not going anywhere. So if the Knicks do get two superstars and sign some veterans it is very possible that Eddy Curry could be the center the Knicks have been looking for. If not Eddy Curry is still an expiring contract that the Knicks can use mid season before the trading deadline.

With many teams looking for contract relief Curry’s contract could be what a team needs to get rid of a big contract.

At the end of the day Curry still has value because:

He can be a dominate force in the middle which the Knicks are looking for
He can help the Knicks win games and take pressure off other players on offense
He is a real center which is a position that the Knicks do not have.
He has an expiring contract that has value that teams needing cap relief can use.
If all else fails, this is the last year and of Curry’s contract. His contract will be coming off the books at the end of 2011.
Overall, If Curry plays well this season he can help the Knicks win games. Even if Curry does not play well his expiring contract has value if the Knicks want to trade for a better player with a big contract.

At the end of the day why waste time rooting against Curry? He could be the key to the Knicks gettng a good player for years to come. Whether he becomes that player or he is traded to bring that player. At the end day we will see what Curry brings to the table next season."

I got that article from fromthebaseline.com. It makes a lot of sense and gives me a lot of hope for the knicks next season. It's in the Knicks, fans, and currys best interest he does good. And before Zbo came to town curry was a beast in the paint. I think he can be a 15-10 guy this season if he sets his mind to it and gets time from D'antoni.
Curry/2nd round pick(Jarvis Varnado)

I think this team can do great things...your thought?