Birthday: 11/1/86
NBA Position: Shooting Guard
Class: Senior
Ht: 6-5
Wt: 192
Hometown: Jamesville, NY
High School: Jamesville-DeWitt

He sucks.

He has good size at 6"5, but his production is awful.

Strengths: Cerebral 2 guard most known for his range and jump shot, Andy's quick release and accuracy make him a deadly threat from outside ... He needs minimal space to get off his shot, while having enough range to knock down threes with ease ... He is always active without the ball, constantly running through and around screens to free himself open ... More than just a 3 point specialist, it's his play making abilities that make him a well rounded player ... He has an excellent basketball IQ, along with tremendous court vision, his passing skills can sometimes go overlooked ... When he does have an open lane to penetrate, Andy has the ability to take it, and set up his teammates for easy baskets ... He understands where to put the ball when throwing entry passes into the post, making it easier for his big men to go up in a smooth and constant motion ... He is an above average defender, with quick hands and an ability to read passing lanes ... You might say he is a product of working in Jim Boeheim's 2-3 zone for 4 years, but his awareness propels him to be a pest on the defensive end, on and off the ball ...

Weaknesses: He lacks athleticism, size and strength, which hurt him on both ends when comparing him to other shooting guards at the next level ... He does not have the quickest first step, which really makes him nothing more than catch and shoot threat when it comes to scoring ... Just like any pure shooter, Andy gets a little streaky from the outside, and since he has trouble creating for himself, he can be ineffective at times when his three-ball is not falling that day ... You don't see him finish around the basket that much, mainly because he never gets there unless it's in transition ... His ball handling skills are average to above average, although itís not a true strength of his game ... Because he can see the floor well, he sometimes gets carried away with trying to make the tough pass, when the simple pass would be the better decision ... Though you don't see it often because of Syracuse's zone, when playing man to man,
Andy can be over matched against quicker and stronger shooting guards ... He is not quick enough to guard the 1, and sometimes not strong enough to guard the 2 one on one ...
Born in November of 1986 so more than a year older than most Seniors, taking away from his potential ...