Jerome Jordan
Birthday: 9/29/86
NBA Position: Center
Ht: 7-1
Wt: 244
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
High School: Florida Air Academy

Strengths: Was one of the most effective centers in the nation as a senior averaging 15 and 9 with over 2 blocks per game ... Has an ideal NBA center frame with tremendous dimensions including a huge (7-foot-6) wingspan on a 7-plus foot frame ... Players his size don't often have his agility. Solid in the open floor and has some leaping ability ... Shows nice touch for a bigman. Has an excellent shooting form on mid-range jumpers and free throws with efficiency (68% as a senior but should be able to shoot better) ... Appears comfortable stepping out to 12-15 feet and knocking down jump shots with good form ... Became a lot more comfortable in his senior year showing the ability to be an effective scorer in the paint ... Gets a lot of easy dunks and put backs due to his size ... Utilizes drop steps and some effective post moves to create scoring opportunities ... Does a good job of posting up, using his great length to make a big target in the paint ... Shows a solid righty jump hook ... Quality rebounder due to his great length ... His length also makes him a presence defensively (over 300 career blocks), with potential to improve if he focuses on it ... Had an excellent showing in a late season match up with Hassan Whiteside where he took over the game and handily outplayed the young phenom using his polish, strength and experience (21 pts, 12 reb) ... To his credit has worked hard at his game and become a steady, consistent (game to game) performer at the college level (scored in double digits in all but 4 games).

Weaknesses: From Jamaica, Jordan was late to playing orgazined ball but has shown steady improvement over his college career ... Born in Sept 1986, Jordan will be over 24 before he ever suits up for an NBA team. His age takes away some of the intrigue regarding his potential ... Does not appear to enjoy contact and lacks the tough demeanor that you want in a post player ... Lack of body strength becomes apparent when he meets contact ... Has decent body mass but lacks natural strength, particularly in his legs, and will be pushed around at the NBA level ... Likely will struggle to put on additional strength due to his age ... Despite being a fluid athlete, he appears to have a bit of an old man's body and doesn't show great explosiveness or quickness in his movements ... Reaction speed to the ball and hands are just average ... A bit of an enigma. His size, and abilities would make you think he could be better, and may always frustrate his coaches with that issue. Defers to teammates and often doesn't look to take over games the way he appears capable ... Doesn't seem to understand how much bigger and more talented he is than opponents and use that to his advantage ... Settles for too many fadeaways and shots lacking momentum towards the basket ... Shows flashes but his level of effort and intensity lacks consistency within games ... He's naturally a laid back guy and has trouble at times flipping the switch on the floor and becoming intense ... Lack of intensity has been a barrier for him ... Considering his length, should be a more dominant shot blocker. His timing and natural instincts are just average. Blocked a lot of shots as a sophomore but then apparently began focusing on his offensive game and his numbers dipped significantly ... Lacks great vision and passing ability ... Far too right hand dependent, even when he goes left he uses his right hand, making him predictable on offensive moves ...

Outlook: Jordan has a chance to become an NBA starter based on his length and skills. He also offers a more NBA ready option than many of his fellow draftees ... Jordan could get some looks in the late first round and should find a spot in the early to mid second round.