Yes, adding LeBron would be a dream for any Knick fan. Could happen, but maybe we still can be significant without him.

I think it is realistic to think we could get, say, Bosh. Then I really would like to keep Lee. I don't see a good reason to let Lee go and pay big bucks to Amare, Johnson, etc. Are they that much better than Lee? Plus, in all fairness, Lee gets better each year, busts his ass every night, and what more could you have asked of a 30 th. pick.

If you gave Bosh around 15 and Lee 10, that leaves room for a Tony Parker level player.

Correct me if I'm not right on the cap space, rules, etc.

If this team had a real PG and a decent big man to just do the dirty work we could be competitive I think.

If we get Jordan, and if he can just be a solid defender / rebounder, and maybe let Gallo roam around as a big guard, I would see this:

C - Jordan
F - Bosh (Gets back to his natural position)
F - Lee (Still some C time)
PG - Parker
SG - Gallo (Still some F time)

Bench - Douglas, Chandler, etc.

For a team winning around 20 some odd games a year, this is worth a shot I think.