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    Default - Plan B Challenge.

    This is more of just a brainstorm thread than anything, but if all fails miserably in the FA tsunami in a few days, what can we look at as consolations?

    If any of you have a fall back idea, lettuce know what you'd run when/if LeBron and Bosh falls through.

    Seeing that things are heating up in the Paul talks, I'll start with an (albeit unlikely) example

    We, the formally mighty, NYK offer the Hornets:

    Curry, Chandler and Toney D (I'd miss him so). A combined salary total of slightly less than $14.5M


    CP3, Peja and Mo Pete OR Posey. A combined salary total of roughly $36.2M

    NO lose $36M from their cap and add $14.5. Leaving them under the cap with $51.5M, down from $73M. Curry adds an asset to trade or expire. So, $21.5M in savings for them right there. Instant FA contenders/flexible options in the rebuilding process. They'd still have Collison, West and Okafor and could make a play for the Warrior's 6th pick with Ellis, although that's unlikely. Just an indication of their flexibility as a team under the cap.

    The Knicks, however take on the big hit of Peja and either Mo Pete's or Posey's salary. Preferably Peterson's as it expires come the close of next season.

    After the trade, NY have a combined salary of $40-41M between a mere 6 players, if we resign Giddens for $1M and Walker for between $1-1.5M. Leaving approx $16M to fill out the roster.

    So, let's say we resign Barron as well and have a salary of $40M.

    That leaves the team looking like:

    1 - Paul
    2 - Walker
    3 - Gallo
    4 - ? (Lee)
    5 - Barron

    Add Lee to the fray at $11M/year and that's not a bad team at all.

    The bench would consist of draft picks, Peja, probably Posey, Giddens and whoever else we can get our hands on.

    So there you go, Peja comes off the books after the season leaving us room to grow. Paul gets a chance to shine in the East. Happy days are here again.

    Will it ever happen? I doubt it.

    ANYWAY BOYS, LET'S SEE WHAT WE CAN COOK UP AS PLAN Bs IF PLAN A GETS ITS NUTS SHOT OFF IN THE NEXT WEEK OR 2. Looking forward to seeing who gets the most creative.

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    I would sign Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer (or David Lee). Have Curry's deal come off the books next year and make a run at Melo, or wait another year and shoot for Paul.

    Boozer (or David Lee)

    Bill Walker our 6th man off the bench.

    Draft Jordan Crawford and a big.

    Sign Shaun Livingtston to back-up (insurance) at the point.
    Re-sign Barron.

    Still have Curry playing for his next contract.

    Our rotation would basically be the starting five plus Walker, Livingston, Curry and Barron, with the rookies.

    THE THINKING would be to hope Gallo continues to grow into a true, legit star; and have him compliment Bosh. That is our future, along with Douglas (whom we hope develops into a Rondo-type force).

    We gamble on Wislon's future, hoping he doesn't disappoint.... He has skills to be a solid #3-4 option.

    We have Boozer to do the dirty work, and help Bosh (Defense-minded scheme) or we get Lee to make our offense prolific).

    Walker could become a 6th-man of the year type instant offense off the bench, and maybe more. Maybe we get another steal in Livingston.

    Crawford could be a lethal catch-n-shoot 3-point sniper in the kick-out. Curry and Barron bang bodies down low.

    I could get excited about this team.

    I'm invested now in getting Lebron and Bosh, or at least one of them. Anything else is a complete disaster, and means the trade to dump Jeffries (using Hill plus 2 other 1st round picks) and losing for 2 years was for nothing!
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    I just read here that Melo's on the verge of signing an extension.

    The Nuggets have offered forward Carmelo Anthony a contract extension worth $65 million, according to NBA sources.

    It was reported on Wednesday that Denver and Anthony could come to terms on an extension prior to Thursday night's NBA Draft.

    Anthony will have to consider the NBA's uncertain future. It's possible that maximum contracts will be decreased under a new collective bargaining agreement.

    Read more:$65m_extension_to_carmelo/#ixzz0rmx3W2E9
    I'm warming to the idea of Livingston playing here as well.

    Don't like the sound of signing 2 high output PFs to divide duties. It'll cause nothing but locker room woes. You can have too much of a good thing.

    So many options, so little time!
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    I like your idea but CP3 aint going anywhere and that deal still is not enough

    If you have Collison traded instead, then maybe that is realistic. Chris Paul is an A+ point guard, Hornets want A+ in return.

    My idea is plan B to resign Lee and go after Rudy Gay and a shotblocking rebounding efficient center in Tyson Chandler or Branden Haywood.

    If we can't get Gay then I would try to get a top PG in Tony Parker or Collison.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    If we do not get Bosh/Lebron/Wade (Lee is a different level), I would consider the following trades/signings. I try to make them as fair to the OTHER team as possible because too often when Knicks fans propose trades, they are raping the other team.

    1. Eddie Curry ($11.28 mill), Wilson Chandler ($2.13 million) , and Toney Douglas ($1.07 million) for Darren Collison ($1.27 million), Emeka Okafor ($10.54 million), and Julian Wright ($2.86)

    Why NY does it: Darren Collison is an excellent defender, as is Douglas, but a more complete PG and legitimate starter, and Okafor provides them with a legitimate defense presence and center that they have not had in years.
    Why NY does it not do it: Okafor's contract is not pretty and runs through 2013-2014. Also questionable in terms of fitting into Mike D'Antoni's offense, but if we strike out on the top FA's, I question whether he will be back after next season. Giving up Chandler and Douglas is perhaps too much for Collison and Okafor.

    Why NO does it: Curry's expiring for Okafor saves them a ton of money, and Chandler and Douglas more than make up for the talent they are losing in. Getting rid of Julian Wright saves them money next year.
    Why NO does not do it: They are planning on moving CP3 and see Collison as their cheap PG of the future. They do not like Wilson Chandler as a fit.

    Possible variations of trades with NO
    Curry/Chandler for Collison/Okafor
    Curry/Chandler/Douglas/Future DP for West/Collison/Wright
    Curry/Lee/Douglas/Chandler for West/Okafor/Collison/Wright

    2. Sign David Lee to a 5 year deal starting at 9 million with 10% raises.

    3. Sign Joe Johnson to a 4 year deal starting at 12 million with 10% raises.

    4. Sign Rudy Gay to a 5 year deal starting at 12 million with 10% raises.

    5. Trade Eddy Curry ($11.28 million) for Andris Biedrins ($9 millon) and Anthony Randolph ($1.97 million)

    Why NY does it: NY takes on the contract of Biedrins, a useful defender and still young, to also get a chance at the young Randolph.
    Why NY doesn't do it: Biedins contract is too unappealing to sacrifice the cap space, or they don't consider Randolph talented enough.

    Why GS does it: Much like Corey Maggette, GS appears to be ready to reshape the team and rebuild around Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. Biedrins doesn't score particularly well and if Curry can stay health he could actually give them some post help. Mostly to clear cap, though
    Why GS does not do it: They consider Randolph too valuable, or feel like Biedrins can develop an offensive game, since he's young, to make up for his contract.
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    My plan B is to become an Oklahoma City Thunder fan and hope Durant FVCKs Lebron where the sun never shines every year until he retires.

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