The mismanagement of our FA campaign from a draft and media management looms large, over the backdrop of:

Walsh getting posterized by Chicago, and the Riley salivating at the looming opportunities for the Heat to join in on the fun.

Times have changed.

It's time to dump Gallo.

Even if we don't get back an asset as I'm about to detail, this is probably our best bet. I think we could get the financials to work for one of the following teams ill reference, but if not, simply getting back nada is fine.

Gallo + the guard we just took (4am and I'm tired) + Curry for Collison. Could consider Rubio/Flunn, depending on whether Kahn took his meds.

Collison is expendable with CP3 and their desire to get him to stay. Gallinari is a huge asset in immediately beefing up their team for a big run and longterm wingman for Paul. Curry gives them a trading asset this coming yr for more possibilities, and worst-case, he is coming off the books for any team regardless in 1yr.

We re-posterize Chicago and every other team gunning for Offseason 2010, offering FA's simple scenarios:


Just assuming we dump The Italian and Curry, we still find ourselves offering the best team for Lebron (and every other major FA):


No matter what, we dump Curry these dream scenarios are an imminent reality. Sending Gallo packing and we can prolly get her done.

Not to mention we let Bron play his best and most proven position without trouble.

Walshd'ant were badly outclassed and outmaneuvered (again). We're praying for a pity **** from Lebron at this point if we don't power move ourselves back into serious power for owning Offseason 2010.

Apparently that's Walsh's Master Plan and why we did what we did the past 2yrs, so...