34.5 million, which about what the Knicks will have, is NOT enough to sign all three of them. A max contract for all but Joe Johnson starts at 16.5. For Johnson it's about 18 millon.

Amare - 13-16.5 million per year.
Joe Johnson -13-17 million per year.
David Lee is - 10-13 million per year.

That's 36-46.5 million, and way more than we have. We don't have the cap space to sign all three of them.

No way JJ gets less than 10 million, and with all the teams with cap space I would not be surprised if Amare got near a max deal.

Also, we do NOT have the MLE this year because we will be well under the cap at the start of FA and you have to be eligible at the start of FA for the MLE to be awarded it. You can't sign players and then use it.