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    Default Nothingis out there, that is a done deal!

    I know the players may have talked to each other. But the thing is, the players don't run the teams the GMs do. They may have a guess or heard rumblings, but it's all frenzied rumors. That said, it doesn't mean we'll get lebron or anyone good. But it does mean, there is still hope. NY is a special town. All these players who've dissed us over the years, will regret it. We're at rock bottom. While depending this summers signings, we may stay there. but we'd rebound, when we start keeping our draft picks and start drafting guys who are passionate to play for the Knicks, not just to be in the NBA. For instance jennings or artest back in the day. Theses are guys who love NY, they need to be here. Artest may be a bad example, not really a huge fan. He's older and slower and looked pretty unpredictable on offense in the finals. Without a strong cast around him, for instance Kobe and Gasol, he may have been the lakers undoing.
    But a drafting a guy ike jennings, who even still is fond of the knicks. guys like him can turn it around from the inside. To our future draft picks being ours.

    I have this dreaded feeling wwe won't get lebron or wade or a set of superstars, and we will sign huge contracts to sub par players, binding us in future free agency. and be a mediocre team next season, taking us out of the top of the draft, leaving us a mediocre team for years. If we don' sign a stud, we need to have another terrible year, like when the spurs robinson got hurt, and they finished dead last, and got duncan. We need that. If we don't sign a couple real superstars. It's the only way to turn around without the top guys.
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    Let's...Go...Lottery! Let's...Go...Lottery!!! Say it with me Knicks fans!

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    There's no point tanking a year without any picks to use. We don't really have anything we can use to trade for a lottery pick either.

    It's always been do or die.

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