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    Default Methinks D'antoni knows more about defense than Thibodeau knows offense!

    Defense is a must.... we all realize that. BUT, I suspect D'antoni will be able to illustrate to Lebron his defensive plan more eloquently than Tom Thibby will be able to detail his offensive philosophy.

    Defense is effort and will; offense is scheme and skill.

    What is the triangle offense? Is that a defensive paradigm?

    Lebron has fiven defense a shot for 7 years and has nothing to show for it. He's looking to average a triple-double, play in the SSOL and (when the time comes) demand that his teammates step up and get shots.

    Ask BOS how defense worked in the Finals when they couldn't score a point!

    I think people diss D'ant to such an extent they are blind to the obvious- that Tom Thibby has proven NOTHING as a NBA HEAD COACH. What does he know about offense? About being the lead voice and guiding a team through the vigors of an nba season?

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    Boston couldn't score because LA is one of the top defensive teams in the league especially in the paint. Defense is what wins championships, Bost came within a hair of winning the championship but that LA court is tough, if they had the home court and Perkins I think they would have won it.

    Thibs is a gamble because he has no head coaching experience and I was surprised the Bulls hired him esp. after DelNegro. That said I think he will be successful because of his resume, he's helped Boston and Houston during his stays there. He helped Yao become a better player more than Ewing did and Nate seems like he's a better defender since he went to Boston.

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    Nate also looks like a better defender because there are good defensive players who can cover for the fact that he sucks on defense.

    Whereas on the Knicks not a damn person on our team could pick up Nate's liability on defense, so we got burned.

    Frankly defense is important, but it's HALF the game.

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    Someone says that great offense help defense more than great defense help offense.

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    The only defense D'antoni knows is during the postgame interviews.
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