After reading a couple of articles about how hard TD, Chandler and Walker are working over the summer I think that our Underrated Young core is a huge positive going into Next season.

Not many will expect Much from our core Since majority think that they are a bunch of mediocre players. But on the other hand Noah, Rose, Lopez, Harris, Beasley, Griffin Gordon all these Young piece that would attract the FA to certain teams are going to have to live up to expectation. Now Clipper, Nets and Bulls all have new Coaches so that means they have to play with in the new system and sometimes that can effect a player game and cause a set back to how they played the year before. But our young core Know what Mike D expect out of them So they don't have to worry about System changes.

I'm certain when BSPN think about the Knicks Roster they think about Marbury Duhon Al Harrington and Curry. That's why they joke about our roster when it comes to comparing them to other teams. Nets only won 12 games last year but they keep talking about their nice young pieces. We won 29 games with less Young talented pieces and with Duhon running the Point.

Just some Positives To look forward to going into July 1