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    Default Why the Media is a joke:

    I usually do not post on this site but feel the need to share this with fellow Knick/Basketball fans.

    I do not understand why every talking head on ESPN and every column writer is completely writing off the Knicks like we have absolutely no chance at landing LeBron or in fact any free agent whatsoever. I watched an ESPN show and it has us giving Carlos Boozer a max deal and thats it. Then they go on to bash NY bash the team bash the management to the point of nauseau. Its like yea we all know the Knicks have sucked for the past 10 years we watch all the games.

    The biggest point these experts make that i just do not understand is they criticize the Knicks roster and say LeBron will not come here to play with those guys. In reality roster is a problem for Cleveland not us. WE HAVE NO ROSTER! we have 4 guys under contract next year which was the exact reason we shed all those obtain maximium flexibility to build a championship team. Mike D and Donnie are not going to walk into LeBron's meeting and be like "hey come to NY and play with Gallo and 12 guys off the street", there is a list of 50 free agents this year and its one of the deepest ever. He can pick any one of those guys for the most part and we can get them to come here.

    People forget we have the 34mm in cap room plus the MLE plus next year we have another 12mm to spend when curry rolls off. WE have the most flexiblity of any team in the league by far and a proven GM who knows how to build a team. Our roster can include any combination of role players and stars LeBron wants.

    Now i know the media wants nothing more than to watch the Knicks suck for another 10 years b/c they hate NY, but we are LeBron's best choice. Location, management, and flexibility are all heavily skewed in our favor.

    There are so many things wrong with Chicago but people do not care b/c they want them to get him so the midwest triumphs over NY. In Chicago he will be forced to play with Noah and Rose, what happens if that doesnt work. Noah and Rose also will demand big contracts soon enough. I get that if it doesnt work right away they will trade one or both but then Chicago is trying to trade guys for cents on the dollar. Noah is good but he isnt winning you any titles and Rose is a player that is tremendous but cannot shoot and his offensive game is similar to LeBron's.

    Maybe it's just me but everyone wants to sell the Knicks out and I feel our pitch is just as good or better as everyone elses even on just a basketball level.

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    i feel the exact same way. we have as good of a chance of a lot of the teams being mentioned yet were being thrown to the back burner as these writers show their ny hatred and agenda

    before the end of the season all everyone for the last 2 years talked about was bron going to ny. everyone had us as the favorite to land him if he moved on despite the fact they knew other teams would and were also clearing cap. suddenly when the time comes they dismiss us as if we never even had a prayer. comical really lol

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    Reinsdorf also hates paying the luxury tax.

    After 2 years their contracts are up - and if his past moves are any indication, Reinsdorf is more than willing to let them go.

    What does LeBron do then?

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    Yea I feel the same way. Its complete bull**** what the Media is saying and doing. Every news site, TV show (particular ESPN) keeps saying the Bulls can sign Lebron AND another Max Agent. They can't sign another Max unless Lebron accepts a 13 million deal which is not happening.

    They have 30 million to spend. A Max contract is 16.5. So after their done signing Lebron they will only have 13.5

    And all attention is toward Chris Bosh. If Chris Bosh is sitting their with a 2 contracts on his hand. Either a 13.5 to play with Lebron in Chicago. Or a 16.5 to play with Wade in Miami, he's going to go with Miami, No doubt.

    Also add the fact Lebron and Rose can't play on the same team. Rose would diminish to nothing and would eventually be traded away. At least with the Knicks they can sign Lebron, and sign a position player.

    I mean Lebron and Rose playing on the same team would be like having Payton Manning and Drew Brees on the same team. One would diminish. It wouldn't be the Lebron and Rose show, it would be Lebron and Noah and whatever free agent signs for 13.5 million.

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    Also now onto the Heat. He won't go to the Heat. I mean now ESPN is saying that the Heat can sign Bosh, Wade, AND Lebron. But then they go on to say that a few trades would have to happen for this to occur.......

    The more I think about this, we are the clear favorites. Unless Lebron decides to team up with Wade. But i'm confident thats not happening.

    And I think the thing thats going to get us over the edge is the lumoring fact that we might be able to get Carmello Anthony next year.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

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