This thought just hit me. Lebron, Wade, Bosh...It's about POWER & MONEY, period!

Think about this:

1. They made sure their current contracts were set up to hit as free agents in 2010.

2. LeBron & Bosh could have joined Wade back then if it was about winning, not money.

3. Wade gives Heat a list of who he wants? Isn't that collusion?

4. LeBron says he will announce which teams he will allow to visit him. Collusion?

5. Bosh says he will wait to see what LeBron does, then decide where he may go.

Note: If three owners got together and announced which players they would bid money for, and announed they would get together and decide what was best for their future the league would accuse them of collusion, illegal activity, bad for the other owners & players, etc. They would be fined, etc.

So, LeBron, Wade, and Bosh set up the league for a power play IMO.

Did Jordan, Magic, or Bird ever even attempt to pull off something like this? No way.

So, you have Dolan (like him or not) who ownes Knicks, MSG, and Cablevision. Nets owner is a billionare, a man of world power.

Jay-Z will tag along as part owner of the Nets for the LeBron visit I hear.

Did I hear right that P-Diddy will get involved for the Knicks behalf.

POWER & MONEY = NY Metro area, NYC, MSG, Cablevision, Billionare owner, Jay-Z, P-Diddy.

Funny how the media, agents, LeBron's friends, etc. send out signals about every team except the Knicks and Nets for the most part.

So, that's how I see it. I'm a long time Knick fan but this is the world of today, and I hope / think the Knicks have a real shot at the prize.

I really think it's the Knicks or Nets for LeBron & Bosh, maybe even Wade or at least he will help them with their power move.

That's how I see it.