The wild card in the point-guard market remains Tony Parker. Once source said the Spurs are “hellbent on moving him,” but that will take time to play out. The Knicks are the most likely destination for Parker, but they need to address their top priority – LeBron – before they go down that road.
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I'd love to see Parker whizzing around the Garden man. That would be sick, wicked and nasty.

For NY, the best case scenario to obtain Parker's services, would be a non salary matching swap. That's possible for us as a team under the cap. The best of the best case scenario would be losing cheap, young players for Parker.

As far as satisfying the Spurs goes, we'd most realistically have to send Lee for Tony. But that isn't necessarily in SA's best interest.

Here's how I see it. It's pretty out there, but it's dividing all our eggs in to more than one basket.

Spurs owner, Peter Holt, is reportedly unimpressed with the teams cap situation and is looking to reform through youth while he has vets like Manu and Duncan onboard as tutors for the next wave of Spurs.

SA also have the legal rights to go after Tiago Splitter of Brazil this year.
Splitter, a 2.12 m (6 ft 11˝ in) 111 kg (245 pound) center was named the MVP of the Spanish Supercup tournament in both 2006 and 2007. He was also named to the All-Euroleague First Team for the Euroleague 2007-08 season, after leading Saski Baskonia to the Euroleague Final Four. The following year, Splitter reached the Euroleague 2008-09 season playoffs, but failed to win another Final Four participation. His performances earned him a spot on the 2008-09 All-Euroleague Second Team nevertheless.
Splitter was named the Spanish League MVP in 2010.[1]
If the Spurs sign Splitter, they'll have a nasty front court backed up by Blair.

Richard Jefferson is most likely out:

Richard Jefferson’s decision to opt out of the final $15 million season of his contract might not be a sign he’s willing to leave the San Antonio Spurs.

Sources said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has been personally working out Jefferson in San Antonio

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And with George Hill shining through for them, they're set at the 1 and have 2 years of Ginobili left.

So, bar the SF position, they're practically set, with future cap flexibility in place.

1 Hill
2 Manu
3 - - - -
4 Duncan
5 Splitter

If NY were to offer; Toney D, Chandler and Fields to SA, they'd have to give it some serious consideration, if their goal is to start anew.

The combined salary of the 3 is less than $4M. They're young, Chandler has had a lot of PT experience and a qualifying offer in 2011/12, Douglas has shown promise, Fields as a 2nd round rookie doesn't effect their cap. Result - an instant saving of $10M and a position filled with both a starter and a backup at SF. Douglas, obviously, backs Hill.

NY in effect get Toney Parker for $9.5M after the +/- of the traded salaries. The salary sheet then equates to $24M with a $56.1M cap set in place. > $32M to spend.

So, I'm thinking:

1 Parker - Rautins
2 Walker - someone - please not Korver or Miller
3 Gallo - Giddens
4 Lee - Barron
5 Stat - Jordan

It can be done. Oh yes It can.

And it's no less likely than signing James or Bosh.