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“I talked with Pop (Popovich Greppi, Spurs coach), he told me that I’m not going anywhere, says the French L’Equipe on Tuesday. New York and Portland were the two most serious tracks, it’s true, but San Antonio has said no. And I love the club. I want to stay to the last year of contract and then be a free agent. ”

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This of course does not mean the Spurs won’t deal TP, but it has to be the right deal. And having RJ opt-out strengthens Parker staying,


However, this is like when an owner gives his coach a vote of confidence, only to chop off the head a week later.

We would have to give more than Curry. Chandler-Douglas probably.
That makes no sense for the Spurs. Why would they waste Tony Parker?

Sure they can have him for another year but they will not sign huge dollars for him when he is a free agent.

The Spurs will pull what the Nuggets pulled with Carmelo, knowing he won't stay multiple years so they tell teams to offer whatever for a trade.