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That video of those 2 musical moo cows is hilarious. That dude spent way too much time in the "psychadelic ballroom".
Robin Tyner was the ****. That being said he looks completely ridiculous.

And yes, Jefferson's opt out does make it a lot less likely. You'd be glad to see Jefferson gone as a fan of SA I assume?
Well if he opts out and leaves without a S&T I'll be really pissed because the Spurs will be in the same position (MLE, LLE, minimum contracts) as they were before he opted out but will need to add finding a starting SF to their to-do list. It would screw them over. Unfortunately the best, most realistic option is him re-signing for less. I'd love to see him go in a S&T, bringing the Spurs a nice trade exception but I don't see it happening.

I really don't see the Spurs trading Parker at this point. Hill is NOT a 1 and they don't really have a backup PG other than Manu. They're not gonna give up their All-Star PG and be left with basically nothing. Sorry knicks fans. Just be glad Johnson got a max offer from Atlanta