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    Default knicks need new lineup

    dont u think that the knicks need a new lineup. a lot of people are draggin them down. some r shandon othella and norris. they got way too many centers like nazr,baker,mutumbo,sweetney,kurt, and othella. they got to trade them for better people like b wallace, and some other perimeter shooters. tim is garbage and anderson has to be traded. he is not worth it. i love moochie as much as the next guy but he really suks! they need a big name playa alongside starbury. dont u think so? reach me at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Yeah, I think they should try to get Stromile Swift or Tyson Chandler; Quentin Richardson or Jamal Crawford. If those players aren't acquired we should trade Allan Houston and Mohammad for Chris Webber and sign Doleac to replace Mohammad. Than try to get Rush for cheap to play SG!

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