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    Default Joe Johnson still a possibility

    Well it looks like there will be a lot of uncertainty through the weekend.

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    The Nets, Clips, and Heat are being squeezed out, as it should be. They are the small market teams compared to the Knicks and Bulls.

    That whole, wait two years thing, isn't working IMO.

    There are Three pair of shooter big man MAX combinations. With Dirk and JJ being the others W LBJ, Bosh, Wade, Amare.

    The choices are obvious, what combo, what teams? LBJ and Wade will use CHI and NY to hedge their bets but they both realize whatever their teams could've done, should've been done. Destinations set.

    LBJ to NY IMO, after Wade works out who he can get to go to CHI, probably Bosh. CHI will hedge JJ against Wade and demand he bring LBJ (so those LBJ to CHI stories will heat up). Next Wade will hedge LBJ and him to the heat (and those stories will heat up). but in the end...

    really does it matter? we know who we want. Our board of FA's is just like every one's, it's just who has the plan, coach, and long term dough and vision to sustain. The Knicks and Bulls. The Nets, Heat and Clips don't. They will have trouble convincing players they can contend right away. And they will get the remainders. This is what should happen.

    Don't believe the hype.

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    I Don't Want Johnson!!! Not Worth A Max!!

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    I'll take all bets that JJ signs with the Hawks. Line up with your dough if you doubt.

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