Look I have major reservations about Amare! I am not going to go into them right now....but to say the least I am not at all sold on the idea of him being our big catch.

Now while I am concerned about his previous knee injuries, I want you guys to know it is not at all as bleak as it may seem!

I have personally had this surgery in the past year and I don't have any where close to the resources that Amare has and I have bounced back from the procedure.

I have had 3 total major surgeries on my knee and with the right rehab you can function at about 90-95%

Now, I don't play professional basketball for a living tho! Which is why there is still some hesitation about him even tho I know the surgery is not the end all.

But my Orthopedic surgeon does all the operations on The DC United and previously when he lived in Chicago he worked a lot of the Bears and Cub players....point being he knows Sports related injuries in Pro Athletes first hand!

What he told me is that it is not the injury or even the surgery that is the killer, but rather the player trying to bounce back too quick is what ends a player's ability to play at a high level (he specifically used Gilbert Arenas as an example, but the same could be said for Allan Houston)

The truth in this could be found in Bill Walker, who was in college when he tore both ACLs and like me did not have the resources of Amare, but Bill rehabed them appropiatley and now he looks to be one of the key players in our core! He is probably the most explosive player we have!

My point to all this is....there is reason for concern with Amare (his lack of defense and rebounding) and I'm not saying we shouldnt be concerned about taking a player who has had previous injuries,our own mistake w/ Antonio McDyess and Elton Brand w/ Sixers are prime examples of the gamble you take w/ banged up players

But...Amare had played 82 regular season games and 16 playoff games this season at an average of 35 mins per game is encouraging (remember McDyess and Brand were fresh off an injury) even in a contract year a player can't fake not getting hurt! He's played 300 games since his injury with the majority of his missed games coming in one season from a freak injury!

So, if nothing else we can rest a little better about his injuries