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LBJ should be more intriguined by seeing Amare on the Knicks with Gallo, Chandler, Toney D and Walker...and possibly Mike Miller.
Of course he would, he lobbied for Amar'e last season.

Report: LeBron Okay With Either Amar'e Or Bosh
More Knicks News

Jul 05, 2010 4:54 PM EST
An executive with another team in the race to sign LeBron James said James made it known that he would be okay playing with either Amar'e Stoudemire or Chris Bosh.

Strategically, the Knicks hope Dwyane Wade signs in Chicago which the team feels will help push James to New York.

The Knicks feel that James is giving the Nets extra attention out of respect for his good friend Jay-Z, who owns a minority share of the Nets.

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1) The Cleveland Cavs is Lebron hometown right?
2) Lebron do have a helluva big fan-base in Cleveland right?
3) that do include family/childhood friends/and more right?
4) The Cleveland Cavs is the only NBA team that can give Lebron
a 6 year contract worth $30M more than any other team right?

With all of the 4 question above being "YES" .......
why is it that no-one has yet to mention a sign n trade for Lebron???
Sign & Trade? SMH...

How bout' this...

1. Can LBJ become a BILLIONAIRE in NY? Yes
2. Has LBJ Just lost again with the Cavs who are stuck with the same losing team and a new coach? Yes
3. Has the balance of power shifted toward NYC, as Wade and Bosh are undecided ? Yes
4. Out of the 5 teams (NY, NJ, CHI, MIA, CLE) is D'Ant viewed as one of the best coashes? Yes
5. Is NY in the best LONG TERM position as compared to the competition? Yes

I could go on but...

Lastly 6. Is NY positioning themselves to compete and potentially beat a LBJ led Cavs team in the post-season? Yes

C'Mon Kiya!

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Theres already a LeBron thread...you guys are cluttering the forum with redundant **** and making it look mad organized and amateur. Don't take offense to that.
My bad... When I made it, I didn't even check or notice- real talk.