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James is better than Melo at everything other than scoring. All Melo can do great is score. He's great with a player like James or Billups playing alongside him but not so much without. Kinda like Amare. The Knicks need a player that can not only create for himself but for others too and I don't see that happening with any player mentioned except Lebron or Wade. This includes Tony Parker and STAT.
Have you watched Melo play? He makes everyone around him better!!! He passes well and he can defend... I mean he is not like a Bruce Bowan type defender but he can defend his position and he is a scoring machine! I think If LJ is an A++ Player; Melo is an A+. Also, I would take him over Wade in a second! Nevermind that he is younger and hasn't been seriously injured yet; he just has more talent than Wade. Only LJ and Kobe are better and not by much!