It makes me wonder, since SHAQ has stated that NY is one place he would go.... We would need a C, and some bodies to fill out the roster.... At the league minimum...

Shaq has earned enough money over his career. He is annoyed Kobe has one more title. He would LOVE to do anything possible to prevent Kobe to win again next year (on Phil's farewell tour).

SO, I ask this: If Lebron comes to NY, would Shaq take the min. salary?

At the very least, we would have Curry. We can't trust him. So we bring SHAQ in as insurance. Not like he has to play alot. We sure will need him in the playoffs though.

He is from NJ. He would perhaps come aboard and go for the ride?

Sure others might as well. Eddie House? Kurt Thomas? Makes you wonder.

AGAIN. Role players. Bodies. Assuming we can't move Curry, or get much for Chandler-Douglas. Going with what we have already, we need a C and a PG.

Livingtson or Ridnour; plus House or Miller; Thomas or Shaq.

1 each (PG, shooter, C). Round out the roster, accept their role, take less money... all for the title?