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    Default One humble man's journey to becoming a Knicks fan

    What's good all, :-)

    This is my humble experience of becoming a knick fan. It may sound a little corny or sappy, but this is how it happened.

    Before Ewing went down w/ injury in 1998 I always hated the Knicks. Because when I was younger I was actually a Bulls fan. The Bulls and MJ were my doorway of interest into basketball. I became mesmerized by the seemingly limitless skill and dominance of MJ. I really to wanted to be like Mike, lol. This influence was spawned during the summer after the Bulls won their first championship against the Lakers. I'm glad I came to love the sport in this way.

    Around this time, I started to play ball regularly, and pretty much became one of those kids you see who always has a basketball within his grasp. I was always practicing. I would spend hours on the court working on my skills. I was obsessed.

    As I got older my attitude about allegiance to teams versus players started to change. I started routing for specific players less (although that is what got me liking the 98-99 Knick squad) and wanted to make the switch to simply rooting for one team. This had alot to do w the retirement of Jordan, the first one anyway. The team that I chose became the one that wears blue and orange.

    I became a Knicks fan during the Houston/ Sprewell years. I became intriged by that team's us against the world attitude. They had players I could relate to. That team had cast- offs, misfits, a sharp-shooter and a coach with moxy. They took themselves all the way to the finals with guts and I liked that. I got swept up in the mystique of that team. You could say that I jumped on the Knicks bandwagon as a fan back then. I'll admit that. They were swept in the Finals and for the first time I felt real agony as a fan! I was hooked. It would have been nice to become a Knicks fan in a more traditional way, by having gone to games w/ my Dad or something like that. But that is not how it happened for me. I'm okay with that.

    Since then, I too have been suffering for all of these years. I was appalled when the Knicks gave Allan Houston a 100 million $ contract; watched in horror as Isiah made horrible move after disgustingly horrible move, setting us back years from even being able to rebuild, as we gave the wrong players deals they would never have gotten elsewhere. I've gone to bed pissed off, frustrated and dejected after witnessing too many punishing losses to teams that carried less total salary, were better constructed and had stronger chemistry. I've also gotten used to my team being on the outside looking in at the start of the post season. I'm hopeful this trend will end with the prospect of the upcoming Knicks schedule being taken on by the young, talented roster that has been assembled by the more than competent GM we have in Donnie Walsh.

    I long for the day when we have a team that resembles those of '70 and '73. Those teams, comprised of guys like Frazier, Reed, Monroe, Russell and DeBusschere, represent the best of what basketball is all about - team play, unselfishness and toughness. One day the Knick organization will put together a team similar in spirit and talent, that can win it all. I hope I can witness this in my lifetime.

    Maybe we are close now.


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