This is it guys. The day all Knicks fans have been waiting for a long time. We have Amare in the fold, now we go for the prize: Lebron James. We have had alot of differences here on this board: the Starbury Wars, Isiah vs. Larry Brown, Crawford(ful) player vs chucker, to **** or not to ****(Gallo), and the list goes on. But today is the day we all put our petty differences aside and unite Knicks Nation to hope Lebron lands in New York. And I think he will for the following reasons.

1. He be an idiot to stay in Cleveland. Staying in Cleveland will make Lebron the goat either way. He can't win a championship in Cleveland so if he stays and never wins he will go down with the rest of the loser history of loser city. Its a no-win situation staying at home. Cleveland is too small a market. Everyone has to leave home sometime to reach their pinnacle of sucess.

2. Miami is already D-Wade's team and Lebron won't want to play second fiddle to anybody.

3. Chicago is a good fit, but Bron would have to pass Jordan's statue on the way to work everyday. That's the house Mike built. Bulls fans won't be satisfied with a championship or two. It will always be "well Jordan did this" and Lebron will stay in Mike's shadow.

4. That leaves New York. The Knicks haven't won a championship for 40 years so the fans are hungry. Lebron wants to be the king, so the is nothing like being the King of New York. If Lebron signs with New York tonight, his Knick jersey becomes the #1 selling NBA jersey TOMORROW. Lebron knows there is nothing like winning in New York. He will start his OWN legacy in the world's #1 city. Ballers are still sporting Jordans here in the CHI, likewise Lebron will sell 5 million "New York Bron's" TOMORROW. Its too much money and power to leave on the table. The NBA needs Bron to be in a major market for TV ratings and New York is it.

Its gonna happen guys so get ready for the dawn of a new day in Knicks basketball. The suffering will be over. All are our pain rewarded. Tonight we will all be saying welcome to New York's newest son: Lebron James. Get ready to celebrate!!!!