With Miami and Riley looking like the true titans following through on their demand for "dynasty", we can only blame...ourselves.

Miami upped their pimp game to bring in the prized ho' by offering him such potential. They did this through their recent dealings.

I immediately went ballistic and posted repeatedly on this; demanding Walsh respond, or risk everything that Plan 2010 was ultimately supposed to be about.

Riley's deals did a couple things:

They made our Jeffries deal look amateurish.

They put the pressure on us to respond and --regain-- our competitive edge.

I strongly felt we needed to do so. And outlined many scenarios to do just that. It mainly revolved around Gallo and also feeing up the SF spot for Bron.

Much of KO was resistant, and Walsh clearly was, too.

The clear surge of the Heat is just reality coming in.

But this one is on us.

Hopefully we get "lucky". Still a chance.

But we have sat back like the fat mopey kid in gym class, praying we don't get picked last.

The stakes were enormous for us. A good plan demanded great execution.

Walsh's was mediocre.

A half-measure, lacking the killer instinct to go all the way.