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    Default Implications of Lebron joining the Miami Heat...

    So if this does happen, what are the consequences?

    Here is a couple that I can think of:

    1) CBA: This will make owners hammer down on players even more. Players talking with each other to decided who they want to play with and where? There will be more guildlines with contracts then what was previously discussed. We will most likely have a lockout next season. The NBA will get hurt. Owners will loose money and players will loose freedoms they currently have. I wouldn't be surprised if owners are preparing for a lockout if the signing happens. After an agreement, Owners could have more power. They can sprial the NBA into a worse direction. I doubt that owners will lower tickets prices because they do not have to pay players as much. People are greedy, especially those with a lot of money. They usually want more.

    2) Lebron has ruined his brand. Lebron will not win a championship next year. A big three with nine crap players will not cut it. If Lebron does not win a championship his brand means nothing. And if there is a lockout, there goes another year. The guys get older and their salaries get bigger, which is harder for the Heat to sign quality players unless they lucky in the draft.

    3) This will cement Kobe's legacy. I think this makes the Lakers even more dangerous now that you have three superstars together with a horrible supporting cast. Lakers will win one or two more championships.

    This is all I can think of, please add more or critique away =).

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    the Heat have sold out their season tickets so that's a positive spin to this.

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    I hope LJ has a season ending injury, hows that.

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    Angry The Knicks Owner Should Clean House

    The coach cannot get along with some good players and so they let Nate Robinson go. The GM is stupid as well.

    They now are going to let their best player go from last year. Resign him and we will at least have Stoudemire and David Lee.

    Too late now! Lee was let go in a sign and trade to the Golden State Warriors for a bunch of second rate players last nite.

    Stoudemire is injury prone and he is a one man band on the Knicks now. I am deciding now if they are worth watching this year.
    Last edited by jrogalav; Jul 09, 2010 at 12:35. Reason: not resigning David Lee

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    Dan Gilbert, Majority Owner, Cleveland Cavaliers
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    Apart from that Cleveland winning a title bit, I think this statement could turn out to be fairly accurate. Lebron, Wade and Bosh are not Pierce, Allen and KG. Their egos are much bigger and there is just one ball in the game. Either way, this "Big Three 2.0" might turn out to be a catastrophy for the NBA. Either they win and win until it is not even funny anymore, or they lose and ruin the reputation of a whole generation of NBA players.

    I guess they were too scared of becoming the next Malone, Ewing and Barkley. Sad really.
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    1. NBA's popularity will decrease to a point. While Tiger Woods wasn't bad for Golf - Tiger Woods' ability exposed Golf to a worldwide audience previously unaware of it. The Miami Heat, on the other hand, do not have a whole lot of fans - and the presence of three superstars on the Miami Heat will not generate a whole lot of fan support for the NBA either domestically or abroad. Miami isn't really interested in basketball - look at their recent ticket sales despite having a top 3 player and a championship under their belt and playoff berths.

    2. I want the value of a max contract to INCREASE. Yeah, that's right. If a max deal suddenly becomes 25 million dollars (and the salary cap doesn't change), teams can't stockpile FAs anymore. I like it.

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