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    Default A crazy urealistic way to get Okafur

    Magic want veterans eh??? TMac wants a center and a point guard in order to stay in Orlando. I say give em Dikembe and Moochie for Okafur. Okafur has not proven himself on the NBA level yet. Nah never gonna happen, but it would be really nice.
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    Nice try! but that won't do it. Maybe they'll take a Thomas, Houston, and Frank Williams for the first pick of the Draft! But we'd probably be required to take Grant Hill off their hands as well. What do you think? We'd have the first pick to play with.

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    i dnt knwo if its taht crazy, magic are willing to do anything if they can manage to keep t mac...and of course thats plenty o reason, to keep the second best swingman. It woudl have to be at least FW and deke though, andd possibly another one of the big men we have such as othella. We would also have to pick up grant hill's contract. I dont think its worth it but possible.

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    Well, I don't think offering the Magic anything will help get Okafor. Rumor is the Bobcats are going to offer them their 4th pick and the best player they pick up in the expansion draft for the Magic's #1 pick, they want to build their team around Okafor.

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