Mark my words Kobe will be a knick next year. People who say we would not be able to get a sighn and trade arnt thinking, kobe wants to be in New York. he was quoted saying he will visit with The knicks in the offseason if we invite him. he can force the lakers hand into a sighn and trade that could involve Allan Houston or not. people who say no one wants Houston are out of their minds. the spurs for one are verry interested in Houston, they would have killed to have him this year. they nead outside shooting, soo do the lakers. Houston would be a good fit for the triangle offence. no one would trade kobe for Allen but if kobe forces the lakers hand they will do it. if for some reason we cant get him because he stays in LA we must sighn Jamaal Crawford, this kidd is the truth he can score 50, get 10 assist ,shoot the 3 and play d pluss hes young. people also forget after u sighn someone for the minimum after one year u can redoo their contract for as much as u want, u can always resighn players.