LeBron made a choice, and I wish him the best. He's, without a doubt, an amazing basketball player and a decent man, and it is sad that he won't be able to even further himself and his game in New York.

But I hope he knows what he just did.

From a basketball fans standpoint, the Heat just dug themselves a grave. If anyone thinks that they will win a championship just because they have Wade and LeBron right now, you are dead wrong. The Heat is the team to beat for as long as those two are together there, and you can bet your ass that teams will be playing harder than they will for any other matchup when it comes to the Heat. After all, these are great players, but pressure is pressure and no one plays 100% when it seems like the world is out to get you, and it looks like they've asked for more pressure than any sports player in the history of sports have.