Stoudimire is honestly a top 3 big man in the NBA, at worst. Potential to play as the best in the league. Most dynamic scorer at his position and clearly an unstoppable force and an awesome first option to have on offense. His scoring from inside range will make our offense much more efficient. Plus the fact Amare can give you 9-10 rebounds 1-2 blocks a game and hit the mid range J just makes everything sweet.

Randolph is only 20...he's an athletic point forward who can handle the ball, rebound, and block shots. I see him average 14 ppg 9 rebs and 1.8 blk with 2.9 assist

Gallinari, you guys know the deal. I expect him to put up Rashard Lewis type numbers for us plus more...he's a huge threat...and a perfect compliment to Amare.

Turiaf can pass, block shots, defense, rebound and bring energy...a player who plays to win and will bring alot of good energy to the locker room. Glad to have this tough happy son of a bitch on our team.

Azubuike...explosive athlete with long arms, solid defense with 3pt range...excels in the open court...ala the full court fast break D'Antoni offense. Perfect player off the bench. of the best leapers in the NBA, smooth player with a skilled game and a bag of tricks. 3pt range. Potential to be a good defender. Dedicated worker, lost 20 pounds this summer...expect more quickness and agility from an already established slasher. Plays above the rim like no one else. 15 ppg potential...JR Smith type numbers.

Douglas...another guy who can defend and hit the 3...awesome combo guard who can score off the bench or as a starter.

Chandler...Rudy Gay's depressed cousin. He can produce numbers even when playing lathargic. Great post defender, can rebound and slash. Just needs to stay way from the 3pt line and try to play like Marion.

I'm loving this team right now. I really am happy. We have a nice young squad.

I don't want LeBron here...I want us to win a championship without selling our franchise to a scumbag.

Lets rejoyce and be happy we're building a good team.

Thank you Donnie, thank you.