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I thought that AI had matured last year. I watched his press conference when he was picked up by the 76ers and he showed a lot of professionalism and that heart that it takes to be a force in this league. However he came back from that to miss most of the games and in the games he did play he was ineffective at best and a black hole at worst. I think he still has an opportunity to come back and compete but i don't see AI ever wanting to differ to another player, take a back up role or even co-exist on a team with another superstar. It's just not how he plays the game. When he was younger he needed to take nearly 40 shots a game. And thats just how he played the game, it's all he knows and his inability to adjust and adapt has left him behind in this new NBA.

I can see Arenas and Camby doing as you mentioned, looking to come to a team and contribute, putting aside their egos. But for the above reasons of age, durability and chemistry issues I think that we have players now on our roster that would/will make better fits then Camby/Arenas.

We'll see now how much Arenas can bounce back after the debacle he had. I hope he gets another chance as i think he has tremendous talent, but I don't know how much teams are going to be willing to invest in him. His matuirty is questionable at best.

True, but that interview you're talking about was during the time of his off the court issues. I think it was about a week and half ago when he stated he would take a cut and play any role. I'm not sure how much of a cut he's talking, but if its reasonable, I don't see the harm in giving him a shot to redeem himself. He'll be great coming off the bench, especially knowing he's ok with it.
He can only be hungry...and that makes you better. I doubt if he will blow another chance in this league.