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I agree with you, but the problem is:

I don't give a **** about 50 wins.

I don't give a **** about 60 wins.

I don't give a **** about 70 wins.

I care about 16 wins in the playoffs, that's it. I care about rings. Isn't this what it's all about? Rings?

I agree we can be really competitive. Gallo HAS to work on his footwork. I've said it over and over, imagine if this guy put in WORK to get the 100% perfect footwork and balance of Dirk. We would have Amare, The New Dirk, and possibly Amare 2.0 (Anthony Randolph) WITH a running PG. But we need things to work out.

I have faith in Felton, I know you earlier did not like this guy. But look at our games with Charlotte...we tried to out run their Larry Brown half-court style and we got blown out of the building and Felton put up HUGE numbers...Why? Because when we ran, they ran, and that's where Felton thrives. Honestly, Felton can put up stellar numbers...if Duhon can rack up a 22 assist game, imagine what Felton, a young running PG who thrived throwing alley-oops to G-Wall against us, could do with what I think could be TWO Amare Stoudemires.

I think Fernandez would be a good pick up...If the deal is Walker for Fernandez I'm doing that deal in a heartbeat (frees up Chandler to be packaged with Curry for any sort of upgrade). Fernandez would give us a TRUE SG.

I do believe in this team...but honestly it doesn't matter how many games we win, the ring is what counts...that's what this is all about. Having a competitor will be nice after a decade of being terrible...but at the end of the day, the rings are what matter.
God damn, thats an excellent point.

I was hating on Felton because I never been a fan of PG's with low FG% and a part of me wanting to sign Arroyo for a year and draft Kemba Walker, but those point made me change my mind.

As for playoffs, I think we'll be a good team. Kinda like the Hawks, make pass the first round maybe, but nothing else.

We need some growing to become elite, but we have the PIECES, they just need time to grow and I have the PATIENCE to wait, because it will be PLEASURE watching Gallinari and Randolph grow, and we can finally say that these prospects are homegrown Knicks(randolph in a way if he stays).

Thats just the satisfaction I get as a fan. I would be happy if we win 50 games, to me every game counts.