Boy have things changed since this thread went up. We looked like garbage to begin with, then Gallo came back from the dead for a little while, and then Felton Picked up his play and all of a sudden we are the hottest team in East!

Im just a little concerned that we have not had our metal tested yet. Its not our guy's fault that we haven;t been shown any real competition, Amare and Felton are destroying opposing 1's ad 4's.

As for the Heat Matchup, look for Amar'e to destroy Bosh and let the whole league know he is the best PF in the East and possibly the whole league right now.

Conversely, I won;t be surprised if Gallo gets an early seat if he ends up guarding Lebron or Bosh, as he has proven to me that he is the worst defender in the Knicks Starting lineup. Fields is also going to have one hell of a time guarding Wade, though I have some confidence he can do enough defensively to stay on the court. Not having Azzy here hurts as we could use the defense on the wings.

Felton Will destroy Arroyo as have virtually all other Pgs this season. All in all it will breakdown to whether the Knicks ca limit their turnovers as the Heat are most dangerous on the break. If the Knicks can take care of the ball they should easily exploit Big Z and Arroyo and take Bosh right out of the game of he has to guard STAT.

This is going to be real close. I can;t remember where this game will be. But I don't think it will matter much. The Heat and The Knicks are both good road teams and mediocre home teams.