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    Nyk Logo What's going to happen this year

    Given the team we have right now.....

    Galinari (SG)
    Chandler (SF)
    Stoudimire (C)
    Felton (PG)
    Randolph (PF)

    Is that our starting lineup? What happens with Earl barron, Al Harrington and our other free agents? Who is our #2's to these at each position? I'm a little confused. Lets say this roster we have now is set in stone, are we a #8 seed in the East you think? Can we rekindle the spirit of '99 with this roster? Is Stoudimire our go to guy?? Does that mean we have to modify the 7 seconds or less go nowhere/no ring offense? Need advice on this, just want to look at this from a realistic standpoint for this season, hope some of you more seasoned guys around here with good basketball IQ can point me in the right direction with your outlook given the state the team is in now...cheers. Lets go Knicks.
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    That lineup is a good a guess as any, though I'd switch Galli to SF and have SG be the most volatile position.

    SG might be chandler, walker, or azubuike later on.

    My prediction for the Knicks is a rough start and a very streaky team. When this team gets hot and shots fall, they can beat anyone by running them out of the building. I don't see any team being faster.

    However, Knicks will likely be destroyed by structured teams with good defense and bigs like the Lakers/Magic.

    Look for the team to keep improving and if Dantoni can finally decide on a lineup, make a run for the playoffs after all star break. I'm sure we're not done making moves either.

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    The 2 spot is a big question mark. I'd say Chandler at this stage is the favourite. Not sure what'll happen with Randolph. It's gonna come down to his desire. The potential is there, that's obvious.

    I think the common consensus is that Stat should be at the 4. He can dominate there moreso than he can against a taller, heavier 5.

    There's a handful of players that, at this stage, are in purgatory as far as fitting in to a defined role. Walker, Randolph, Chandler and Fields. All are SFs in essence. Randolph can play the 4, Walker can lay the 2. There are questions about Walker's versatility.

    Right now, I'd say the starting line up is:

    Mozgov - likely to be Turiaf after he recovers from surgery, unless The Gov(ernor) plays well and adjusts quickly to the offense and the transition from Euro ball to the NBA.
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    35 win season which hopefully ends with d'antoni being fired so a real COACH can come in and do work with this team

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    Will win a few more games maybe 45-50 if were lucky. We still lack defense. Randolph adds athleticism on d but still have no true defenders. I aint a Amar'e hater but he don't even try to play defense. Were the Knicks were suppose to be built on D, I miss Van Gundy, Oakley, Starks, and Ewing... Ahh those were the days.

    But I do like the Felton pick up. He's got talent, Randolph and Azubuike too.We need some defensive specialist now and another play-maker and we can turn a few heads this year.

    However, we are far from a 'good' team, and with the recent resurgence of the East, we have time to be true contenders.

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