Now I could be just be speaking for myself Because everbodys got there own story and the team that hate the most. But mine has always been the Heat cause of Tim Hardaway Alonzo Mourning and the rest of that sorry ass team back in the day late 90's

But I'm thinking the ultimate satisfaction of beating these dudes would be the greatest. I just watched that show they had down in Miami. 10 thou showin up. Lebron sayin they could get Pat Riley back from his Kentucky days and beat people and everbody and Riley laughing in the crowd and everybodys havin a good time. All three of them on stage talkin big shttt.

Now I'm not sweatin this like that. Maybe a little, but it won't set in for real untill we play them, or I see them play. Then I think I'm gonna really hate them.

So I'm thinking the ultimate satisfaction I'm gonna get is when I'm curled up on my couch on a cold NY night and watch the Knicks go down there and beat them and handle there business at home, in the garden.

It's gonna be tuff as hell though. Gonna guard Lebron, D Wade and I'll follow you where ever you go boss, C Bosh. It's early, I'm just sayin my honest opinion. Any thoughts on How we handle Them defensively Or Just the Knicks Heat rivalry Bein back. Post emm