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    Its official raymond felton is a knick and i am so hype about this season and think we will be a sleeper team in the playoffs much like the bucks were before bogut went out.

    pg situation is settled for now or maybe for good when we signed felton.this guy was in a shell while in charlotte.scouting reports said that he will play his best in a fast paced tempo so no we will see what he really got in the SSOL system.he is a fast pace point guard and thats the complete opposite and more while with the cats.he can create his own shot,finish around the rim,create plays and most importantly push the tempo which i felt the knicks pg's can never do well.he is a complete point guard but not great.please believe he may breakout in mike's SSOL system.he is one of the strongest guards in the league and he has a great IQ never does anything out of what he can do which is excellent.He is one of the few point guards that can do everything you want,defense,score,dish,rebound,IQ,toughness,leade rship,clutch.he can be a truely good pg if he works maybe a more polished jameer nelson at best.toney douglass will be coming of the bench for scoring but i cant see him being any better than a better scoring dereck fisher.

    wilson chandler was supposed to breakout last season but injuries and family issues got in the way but for sure he can still breakout because he is an athletic player with alot of potential.he is our starter and he puts up decent numbers but once he develops his mid-range jumper he is a 21ppg player and also be more aggressive when attacking the basket and we may have our #2-#3 player.defense is good could be a lockdown defender if he works at it.this guy can be better than knick fans give him credit.

    azubuike and walker will be great scorers of the bench and buke plays great D. buike at most can be a 6th man on this team but an extremely productive one someone who can end a run with a big three and slow down the others team 6th option i really like the pick up.bill walker has all star potential but dont count on it happening since he will have to prove his self over wilson,danillo,buike,and maybe carmelo haha.

    Danillo is possibly a new specimen of a player in the making,long,tall,slasher,excellent shooter,shot blocker,big,tough,clutch he can be a post player with handle skills and long range on his jumper. the roof is truely limitless i have him behind tyreke evans and anthony randolph in potential.
    alot of players are similar to him but few have the opportunity that dan has.he is very committed to getting better and i feel he can someday be a mid 20 scorer.but for now he needs to get better at driving to the basket and he needs to seriously get in the shape that he was in when playing in internationally because he looks doofy and chubby.but if he sticks to it he will without a question be an all star and he isnt overrated this is fact.he wants to be the main man but i see him as a #2 but on the cusp of a #1 option but still an allstar so knick fans dont give up on this kid he will come threw.

    anthony randolph-bottom line if we drafted him he wouldve been the face of our franchise.this kid is like young camby but with soooooo much more nba 2k10 he is a beast and this also translates to the court.he has passion,heart and wants to will never see him giving up on a play and thats key to being not just an all star but a superstar.his mid range jumpshot showed improvement over the years but still needs work.his ability to block shots is more entertaining then dwight howard,and he is an athletic freak of nature.this kid has HOPS for days and his ability to finish around the rim is am happy we get him but he is extremely raw and will take atleast 2 yrs to get him rdy.but remember he is only 21 and if the knicks are up for it can make him a monster.on ball defense is a prob but he will get it down but long story short him along with gallo can be a new type of player that we have never seen before so watch out because this kid is entertaining and is a warrior(not the team).

    turiaf is what i call a hype man kinda like flavor flav,he gets the crowd and the players into the game and he is a extremely good teammate i like the other things he brings to the table but other than that he is a B+ level shot blocker and a hustle player.key to a championship team.

    And now the big fish amar'e Stoudamire hehe this guy 3-4 yrs ago was the best offensive big man in the league and if it werent for injuries i doubt he wouldnt be.he is a presence that the knicks havent had since ewing.people say we gave up lee for a lesser stellar stat sheet player....WRONG amare is miles ahead of lee simply because he demands double teams and thats key to a championship team also.lee was running around laying the ball up off pick and rolls and getting trash rebounds.#1 amare has been running the same thing in arguably the 2nd best pick and roll duo in history. amare is faster,bigger,stronger,more athletic,and runs the pick better IMO and david lee is a not a game changer someone who the other team plans against every night but now we have a stud who instead of filling the stat sheet will be opening up opportunities with the double teams and help defense he will be image if we replace amare with lee the best case scenario is a 9th seed but with amare more opportunites will open around the court and along with someone who atleast thinks about defense.david lee played natta defense and you can say the same for amare but atleast amare tries and is a great helpside defender so all in all i think it is without a question we pick up amare instead of lee.with lee we have 33 wins with amare and felton running that pick and roll i vision 42-50 so i feel we can really splash this season and prove alot of sceptics wrong.

    our bench is going to be key to our success and the development of randolph but i think the knicks will win 40+ wins and making the 7th 8th seed maybe the 6th if they gel.



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    Got my summer league. I'm watching everybody. Just watched the Jazz and Nets. Turner looks good. Can make shots and is quick to the rim, and getting to the foul line.

    Felton playin for Roy Williams and Larry Brown sounds nice. He doesent seem like a Larry Brown guy but ya, His basketball IQ should be there playin for both of them.

    I don't like Chandler as a teammate and he doesn't come off hungry and focused to me. Honest opinion.

    Gallo has high expectations. See how he comes back from Italy and we are gonna see if his makes strides in the right direction. Live up to star potential

    Walkers weight is what stands out to me. I have questions?

    Amare is Amare. Is it gonna be instant or take a little time?

    Anthony Rudolph and his new guys gotta show me something. Gotta see them live. Samething with felton really.

    Douglas. Gotta study him more. This last year was a ruff year and I slacked with them Knicks games because it was so bad. Looks like a back up pg. Can play defense and doesen't blow you away with skills. Just quicker then Chris Duhon. Thing that pops out.. Make some right decisions, Get your ass in shape and be ready to run. There running fast this year

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    amar'e is going to take over NY basketball and will be the 'king' of NY bball or so to speak. Yes amar'e was a superstar before he got those injuries but the injuries propelled him to be even better, cause everyone said he couldnt. which is exactly why i want him he strives to be great and will continue to do so.

    Randolph i have a lot of faith in him that he'll break out this year but our true X-Factor and barring of how far we can go this season ( in the playoffs that is, cause i really believe we will make the playoffs ) is Gallinari. he has spurts last year where he was playing at a high level and could compete with the biggest stars. he doesnt back down from a challenge. but again last season he had his spurts where he was still figuring it out, which is expected considering it was practically his rookie season. i feel he'll come out and average 18 6 and 4 this season. he'll be huge and should come into the season much improved. Walker and 'bike will be catalysts off the bench along with Douglas we have most of our second unit intact were still a few pieces and developed players away from being serious contenders. wont be long before we get there and all we need at this point is a Melo type piece to bring it all together.

    as it stands this team is dangerous and we could very well beat the heat im confident that we could take them

    DaTPRiNCE...That EGYPTiAN Fella, #MeloMafia

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