The amount of negativity coming from some camps in our lovely forums has been astounding. I've actually read posts from people thinking we are no better than last season and that we will have the same record?! Lol...

Well anyway here's my own personal statistical analysis of our Knicks, 2009 vs 2010 and what it means going into next year.


2009 Knicks: 102 for 106 against

2010 Knicks: We now have Amare over Lee (scoring upgrade) and Felton over Duhon (scoring upgrade). In the scoring department we only lost Al Brickington so a reasonable assessment would be us having a similar PPG for. An optimistic assessment would be that with our significantly upgraded backcourt and frontcourt in terms of speed and athleticism we will see an increase in scoring due to the uptempo system of D'antoni being better suited to speed and athleticism.

As far as defense goes, we upgraded at almost every spot. Chandler/Gallo/Douglas are all proving to be solid defenders. Amar'e is certainly no worse than Lee and could be argued to be better (height advantage, better vertical). We added Turiaf and Azubuike who are good defenders. We will certainly see a reduced PPG against us this season.

2010 Prediction: 103-104 PPG for 103-104 PPG against (yes I'm predicting we will be a .500-.550 team next year)


2009 Knicks: 40.4 for 44.9 against

2010 Knicks: We lost some rebounding with David Lee's exit but we gained with Turiaf/Randolph. On the offensive glass we will be better than before and defensively we should be equal. Depending which players break the rotation we will certainly see a better rebounding TEAM as we will have size at the appropriate positions unlike last season where our PF spot was covered by undersized forwards.

2010 Prediction: 43.5 for 42 against


2009 Knicks: 21.6 for 21.0 against

2010 Knicks: This is a no brainer, we got a huge upgrade at our starting 1 spot who is a pass first PG. Even if his stats don't blossom which anyone with knowledge of PG's in D'antoni's system are sure will happen, we will still see an increase here. As far as the east goes though, all the other PG's are improving so we will probably see in increase against us too.

2010 Prediction: 24 for 22 against


2009 Knicks: 3.7 for 4.5 against

2010 Knicks: Again, we are going to see improvement here without a doubt. Amare blocks a shot per game more than Lee and Randolph/Turiaf can both block. Considering our athleticism and the fact we have guards who can finish strong around the rim now as oppose to Duhorrible and Larry Hughes who could put up a layup so soft it could be blocked by Nate Robinson, you would expect a decrease against us too.

2010 Prediction: 4.5 for 4.0 against

As far as other team stats go, they are harder to break down at face value. You would imagine an overall increase in FG% once things settle down in the offense. With this team we are going to be playing much more consistent ball than just hoisting shots to keep ourselves in the game. If our 3P% stays the same or improves it will be nice.

Next thing to look at is how people are crying like girls that the East got "soooooo much better" while we barely did anything... Erm, hello? How exactly did the east get SO MUCH better?

Orlando: Probably losing Barnes and Redick. No real improvement through trades or FA. Best case equal to last year, worst case they will decline.

Celtics: Resigned their aging stars, lost Nate and possibly Sheed who were big for them down the stretch. Made a couple of decent signings. Probably equal to last year.

Cavaliers: What can you say. They lost Lebron. They are most likely gonna be in turmoil. I'd be surprised if they made the playoffs.

Bucks: Possibly a team on the up. Bogut and Jennings should improve and they are looking strong.

Bobcats: Lost Felton to us, would be surprised if they got better.

Bulls: Definately stronger, only team other than NY and Miami in the east that will see a significant improvement.

Nets: With the addition of the 3rd pick and Anthony Morrow they should improve a bit, but improving on last season is not exactly hard. Still not likely to see playoff action.

Wizards: Even with John Wall they are incomplete and are unlikely to do big things this year.

Hawks: Pretty much the same, if Joe Johnson brings it like he should after securing a 100 million dollar payday they should get a little better.

Pacers, Pistons, Sixers, Raptors: Only real improvement is their draft picks, nothing major, plus Toronto lost Bosh so lol.

So exactly where is this huge improvement in the Eastern conference? And how is our team with Felton over Duhon, Amare over Lee, and Randolph/Turiaf added NOT significantly better than last year?

2010 Regular Season Standings as predicted by me:

1 Miami
2 Boston
3 Orlando
4 Chicago
5 Atlanta
6 Milwaukee
7 New York
8 Who cares?

If you bothered to read all this you must be just as bored as I am