I was bored until I read that

+1 for you dude

Are people honestly saying our roster is worse off than last year? I haven't read that. Who are these nay sayers?

-Almost $30M in cap space.
-Best front court we've had in more than a decade at both ends.
-More athletic
-A handful of team options next off season
-NBA's most prolific paint scorer
-Versatility/depth at each position

We're the second best team in the Atlantic behind an ageing pack of limping hemorrhoids. God I hate Boston. We'll over take them in just over a year.

I think the sole downgrade is front court passing
2010 Prediction: 43.5 for 42 against
. Our +/- in this category could go either way. There's a likelihood of a higher FG% with better finishers. There's also a likelihood of a lower vs opponent ratio with less experienced players.

In the scoring department we only lost Al Brickington
And I am loving it. Gallo's complete game and superior shooting make losing Harrington non pertinent.


2009 Knicks: 3.7 for 4.5 against
I think we can basically reverse these stats. Perhaps even less in the against?


2009 Knicks: 40.4 for 44.9 against
I am a bit concerned about this with Stat as our main presence. Randolph brings that non-human wingspan in though. Not sure what to think or assume.

1 Miami
2 Boston
3 Orlando
4 Chicago
5 Atlanta
6 Milwaukee
7 New York
8 Who cares?
Good call. The 1st round is going to be tough with our inexperienced, young team. If we win a series, it'll be about timing and cohesion. Physically, athletically, potentially we're as good as any team out there. Youth and inexperience is the main concern.

I'm so looking forward to seeing these young guns. Awesome.