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    Default McDyess could end up a Rocket

    Because it is apparently the season to dream about superstars joining the Rockets and taking the season in these parts into the hot weather, imagine what they need most.

    OK, because no one will agree on that, imagine a power forward.

    Imagine someone stronger than virtually every power forward, able to knock down Karl Malone and jump shots, outwork anyone, someone averaging double-figure rebounds who would be a simple, no-frills, everyday professional.

    If you also imagine him jumping to the upper deck, you would be picturing Antonio McDyess, circa 1998-99 when he was a hot free agent ready to consider the Rockets.

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    The Rockets shouldn't want him. He's barely even mediocre. He should rid this league of himself and retire but he won't. I wish him the best of luck.

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    It can be painful watching guys try to recover from serious knee injuries.

    Watched it first-hand in Denver with both Antonio McDyess, and LaPhonso Ellis - never the same players they were before.

    I predict the same thing for the Kings Chris Webber. Watching him in the playoffs this year was just as painful. Sure, he scored and had some great assists, but he wasn't able to elevate above the rim and clanked at least three dunk attempts against the rim during the Minnesota series.
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