Raymond Felton vs Duhon, Chris = Felton wins : He is an upgrade from the stand point of making it through larry browns harsh coaching style where he rides his point guards as hard as any coach in the league, with Mike D's open offense complimenting feltons speed and roy williams run and gun background I feel that felton will finally come into his own these next two yaers to help us out big time, plus knowing he is only signed for two years, unlike duhon felton seems to have something to prove in the spotlight as opposed to duhon who almost seemed happy to sit the bench behind toney douglas last season.

Chandler, Wilson Vs Azabuikie= Make or break year, I am giving the advantage to Azabukie. WIth the additions of azabuikie and randolph the skill set of chandler becomes more common this year. Wilson has to improve his three point shot, and his ability to handle the rock or he will be instant trade bait once randolph and azabuikie prove to be just as if not more valuable at the 2, 3 and 4 positions.

Jeffries, Jared Vs Anthony Randolph = The edge definitely goes to randolph, Younger, faster, better handle, shot, similar defensive instincts but with a 7 foot 3 wing span randolph is much more effective. Jefferies played as well as he ever will in his career last season, and I respect his hustle, but Randolph put up better numbers at 20 years old and will only get better.

Harrington, Al Vs Danilo Gallinari = definitely edge to gallo, I say this based on the fact that gallo will be taking 40 percent of the shots that harrington came in and chucked up with a much better production rating to go along with it. The fact that danilo will draw double teams similar to harrington will only high light his passing ability as well as his ability to get to the line and make shots as opposed to chucking up heaves desperately

Lee, David FC vs Amare = any other pf comes into NY and I am going to struggle with this one base on lees familiarity and thriving nature in Mike D's system, the only thing that changes that is Amare's as familiar with the system as any one in the league. AMare is built for this tempo, and he is mentally prepared to take on the challenge in NY. The pressure is different from anything lee ever had to go through and with Amare's playoff experience and winning mentality I assure you that we upgraded big time here. Lee had it easy in that there werent any real other bigs on the team, we were expected to fail so there was no pressure for lee to be perfect every night, and Lee was truly a by product of ball hawking and over doing pick and roll plays with who ever had the ball at the top of the key.

Nate vs douglas = While I hated nates antics and I love douglas's defensive mentality, I have to say this is even, there were things in terms of changing games that douglas is incapable of doing in terms of scoring, intensity and making big plays to turn games around. If nate wasnt a knucklehead, and if sometime he didnt shoot 8 times in 10 possessions he would still be on this team. DOuglas will be a GREAT back up option, but I still feel like there will be times where he disappears in the offense, and shows why he isnt a true PG. '

Hill, Jordan PF vs Rautins and Fields = Hill hands down, he had alot of natural gifts, but he allowed us to move jefferies and basically in hindsight that turned into a trade Hill, Jefferies and Hughes for Amare and Felton. We dont sign Amare if he doesnt believe we can add another player with the open cap space, which current is being used on Felton. So while the trade made us a better team this year, the advantage of last years big rookie to this years rookie duo goes to Hill. I personally dont see rautins or fields getting any burn unless some one gets injured.

Hughes, Larry vs Bill walker = I would have to say hughes, for 10 mil like he was getting paid nooo, but for his defense yes. Walker is un proven and while his upside is great, I dont believe he will be an impact player for us. If hughes wasnt so worried about a contract this year his attitude probably would have been better therefore, leaving him more effective on the court.

Milicic, Darko vs Ronny Turiaf = Turiaf wins here, one reason why... he understands that he is a bench role player who blocks shots and plays defense, you wont hear complaints or bitching if he doesnt get 25 minutes a night, and that in terms of chemistry is exactly the kind of veteran leadership we need.

Overall if these two teams met in a 7 game series i would give the edge to the 10-11 knicks

4 games to 1