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    Default Summer League 2010

    i havent seen a thread about this if there is then, my bad. But i been watching the last couple of games and our players have been looking pretty interesting most notably Walker, Jordan, Fields and Douglas

    Douglas looks more complete as yesterday he had 27 points and was doing whatever he wanted throughout the game. He struggled a bit against lawson but figured it out towards the end and figured how to defend him better which i liked. today he showed a more complete game today with 6 points 5 rebs and 7 assists which is what i like to see out of him he looks more complete as he showed he could score it out or play a more controlled player off the bench. nice 6th man for us. on another note he hurt himself during the end of todays game nothing serious just felt i should mention it

    Jordan has been a force in the paint on the defensive end and moves pretty well on the offensive end he could make the roster and give us solid minutes off the bench and alter a few shots and has 2 blocks in limited minutes today. I could see him coming off the bench and making opposing offenses think twice before taking it to the hole like they normally would.

    Fields has really been a pleasant surprise and has been showing a nice offensive game. he finished with 13 yesterday and had another 17 today. he likes to go left although he's a righty which i like. and he's a solid finisher around the basket. should be interesting to see how he does the rest of the way and what he does in the month before training camp.

    Walker has been ok to me, his skills are there and you could see it but he's played well in spurts where he's the best player by far on the court ( even yesterday although Lawson was playing ) and other times he looks like he's still getting it together. with time i expect him to have it figured out and he could be our starting 2 by mid season.

    didnt see much of Rautins so i cant come up with an opinion on him yet. same goes for the rest of the squad

    only about 3 games left but this is a nice evaluation of our young players, feel free to add anything.

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    I really haven't liked what I've seen from Rautins... he's just a dude that likes chucking up 3s... He was 1/6 today with 1 assist and a bound. I was expecting more from him, but it's summer league and he's a 2nd rounder. Fields on the other hand is playing like a lottery pick which I'm really excited about. Anybody catch the wizards game? How was wall? Probably gunna be fighting his team for a playoff spot next season, so i wanna know what we're up against
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    rautins fields jordan i think will all make the team but fields is the true sleeper he is playing great ts only summer league but he is playing smart he will be better then chandler also i think rautins should spend a year or two in europe and then take a true sg from europe there has been interest in a serbian forgot his name but he apparently can light it up

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