Anthony Randolph

H: 6' 11"
W: 220 lbs
Bday: 07/15/1989
(21 Years Old)


Anthony Randolph

Born: Jul 15, 1989
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight: 210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
College: Louisiana State

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To put his claim to the test, we’ll use the latest NBA photograph of Randolph available, taken Monday during the Warriors’ Media Day. To find Randolph’s height we need a reference, and the orange roundie he’s holding makes a good one. A regulation NBA basketball has a diameter 9.55 inches. The basketball in the photo has a diameter of 74 pixels. From head to toe, Randolph is 644 pixels tall, or 8.703 basketball talls. Translated into familiar terms, this makes Randolph 83.11 inches tall, or 6’11 going on 7 feet.
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From Marc Stein, ESPN:

"Unrelated but undeniably intriguing Warriors tidbit: Slender rookie Anthony Randolph, also known as the closest thing to an untouchable on the Warriors' payroll, has gained 20 pounds and grown an inch to nearly 7 feet since the end of this past season."

Is AR our KG?

So, that will make AR about 230 lbs (from 210).
KG stands 6'11" and 253 lbs (was 217 when drafted)

(warriors site)

Anthony Randolph is 7 ft, 222lbs

It's also a good thing for the Warriors that Randolph said he has "pretty much been in the weight room every day." When the principal of Urban Promise Academy middle school introduced Randolph to students, he described him as a "6-foot-10, 210-pound forward."

Off to the side, Randolph quietly said to an observer: "Actually, 7-foot, 222 pounds.

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