I like what I see out of Jerome Jordan so far. I like how physical he likes to play and that he really tries to dunk everything close to the rim.

I like how fluid he looks with the ball, he does not apper to be in a hurry when he catches it. He really tries to block everything going to the hole which is something we desperatley need.

These are the things I expected to see out of Hill. Hill last year looked akward on offense and with a year experience in The NBA still looks the same (caught the Houston Summer League game the other day). He still looks very soft too.

Now this is not to say that J. Jordan goes on to have a better season(his spot on the team isnt even certain), but I remember coming away from the Summer League last year like "is that it from or lottery pick?!" but I defenitley am more encouraged about the 44th pick.

Now, once upon a time Greg Ostrateg dominated Tim Duncan in Summer League, so take Summer League performances with a grain of salt....but the point is I like J. Jordan and I think he could be a servicable backup in year or so.