Felton - B+ will never be a top top PG but has all the tools in our setup to be more than good enough to be not far off.

Douglas - B- again never gonna be the man but love his heart, his D and he can take shots

Rautins - B- not gonna set the world alight unless something drastically changes but has the right mentality, can play D and if his shooting gets less streaky then who knows. Very intelligent player.

Chandler - A- though I never see him reaching it and not at the Knicks.

Walker - A- could end up being the player we wanted in Chandler, this kid can fly.

Azu -B like what he has to offer and think there's a bit more to come

Gallo - A I'll stop short of the A+ as we don't have an A+ in our team even potential wise.

Turiaf - B- no offense but I think he's about as good as he gets, a solid bench player so he stays as he is

Randolph - A him and Gallo are key to turning this franchise around now, neither can be allowed to go anywhere!

Stat - A Has to be the man for everyone to look up to and carry the franchise while Gallo, Walker and AR develop

Mozgov - A- got a very good feeling about this guy fom what ive seen has a mix of size intelligence and likes to bash all good things