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Dyke Manphony has had problems with Marbury, Nate, Hughes, Hill, Harrington, Stoudemire(in Phoenix), and Marion(in Phoenix).

It's obvious that D'Antoni is the one with the problem, and unless he gets fired, the Knicks will continue to lose. His ego is too big to successfully coach a team, unless the team is stacked with All Stars and MVPs, something the Knicks don't have.
By no means am I a D'antoni cheerleader. Still not even sure if I like him, or want him as my coach, but we have to be fair. We cannot judge MD on the last 2 seasons. Walsh said himself he takes the blame. 8 games into his first season Crawford-Randolph are traded, and this team really had no chance after that. Forget the talent, or lack of, but the mere fact that the Knicks annoucned their 2-year tank-it plan it was everyone-for-themsleves mentality.

And if you look at the one common denominator in the list of HOF names you just provided.... What is it?


Look, sometimes when you look at D'ant you want to punch him in the nose. I d on't know why. But there it is. Still, look at Larry Brown. PLayers don't have to love you for you to be a good coach.

Bottom line: these players today are selfish, spoiled, and have been coddled since their AAU days. If you give them a curfew they think you're being overbearing. Ask them to pass the ball to the open man who has the better shot, well they think you're being a dictator.

Any criticism is construed as a manifestation of absolute hatred, and an assault on their character. This idea of respect-dissing and how these players misinterpret basic interpesonal relationships amazes me. Their peeps egg them on, and the rift grows....

Again, "YES" is all they want to hear.

With this said, MD earns his reputation here this year. Time to see results.