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    Off Topic The Story Of Amario Studemar

    In 1498 a boy was bornin france,his name was AMARIO STUDEMAR,legend says he controls the strength of 1000 men.And most importantly can put balls in hoops.When he was just a little boy,the devil kidnapped him and forced him to kill innocent people.He was the devils slave and always being abused.They raided towns and spread grief among the people of one day AMARIO had enough and turned against his master and devoured the devil.AMARIO thought the probalem was fixed but was he amario is running threw hell looking to escape and is being chased by now amario is at the gates of hell and an angel visits him.the angel says in order for you to pass you must jump and in order to do so drink this amario jumps and hops over the gate and now he is free!!!! but the devil is inside of him and possesses amario and he turns to a beast.the magicians and frontguards try to stop him but its no use.AMARIO must fight for control over the devil but he the angel calls upon god and god traps amario in a nba court FOREVER!!! so now when amario plays the game of basketball........HE UNLEASHES THE BEAST!!!!!
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