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    Originally Posted by mafra
    I love the part where it stated how Rose never bothered to call, or recruit Lebron. SCREW HIM. That's classic. I have a lot of respect for Rose now.

    Noah-Rose HATE Lebron James. I cannot wait for them to meet in the playoffs!
    Tremendous post and article!

    I had been reticent about reading it...but wow! Worthy read.

    My lasting impression was the same as you and crazy8's and scribbles -- Rose is a newfound man and Titan in my book.

    Shows a lot of dignity, strength, and even foresight on his part.

    It seems like this was a fata compli -- EXCEPT if we traded for CP3. What mongoloid licking mthrfckers LeBastard and his minions are....

    Wow. I want Melo so bad right now so we can go to war against Three Muskateers and their band of Veteran Ho's with a team of real winners.

    I see unprecedented psychological impact and pressure if LeBastard faces some real pressure from winners and an explosive team.

    In the meantime we need to hope those miles on Wade's legs show up soon than later.

    If someone can deny them a title Yr1. And we and others replenish with 2011 FA and further team development...

    Could stave off antother 2 yrs knocking those bums out and then it's go time to start cementing the cranks in having that whole crew go down as some of the biggest losers and goats of all time.
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