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    Originally Posted by SSj4Wingzero

    D'Antoni didn't mean anything by it.

    All he basically said was "I hope he brings his a-game." That's IT. Stop reading too much into the whole "getting replaced", that's merely D'Antoni hoping that Gallo steps it up even further due to the competition. Nothing there even remotely implies that Gallo is going to lose his starting spot

    Gallo is the starting SF and no one is saying that Dantoni said otherwise, what I said was that Dantoni let Gallo know that if he is not ready then there are players who is will get the nod over him.

    Gallo will start the season as the starting SF, but if he does not step up he will be replaced (that's my opinion, not what Mike D said)

    Again....I think Gallo can raise his game, he has the heart and work ethic that brings about improvement in a player.....but if not.....he is a 6th man
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    I don't think D'Antoni will easily remove Gallo from his starting spot, even if he doesn't make very big games he still is by far our best SF.

    And anyways, I am sure he will improve even more this year.

    If Felton doesn't freeze him out like Duhon did... + there aren't those big chuckers any more (Nate & Al)... + we have a great inside presence in Amar'e.
    I am convinced Gallo will surprise many people this year, dude is bound to be a star.

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    Not thrilled about the fact that coach doesn't know what Galo has been up too. Means we just have to wait and see if he has been working his butt off to get better are just sitting on his butt.

    I know he has a twitter account but I don't... if any1 does is there anything on there?

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    I think what D'Antoni meant was that there's no excuse for poor play and/or slacking off. Even if it's Gallo - if he shows up to training camp out of shape and lazy, then D'Antoni won't hesitate to put somebody else in.

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    i personally hope they don't rush him... he's still pretty young. let him continue to fill out and get his game together. his best years are way down the road

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    Originally Posted by New New York
    I watched today's Summer League Game and there was a lot of interesting things Mike D had to say during the second quater interview, but to me the most was him telling Gallo if he is not ready he will get bumped.

    Some people think Gallo is the coaches pet, but it appears that is not the case.

    When asked about what Gallo is doing this off season he replied something to the effect of "I don't know,but he better be ready because there are players like Randolph and Feilds who will be"

    That to me sounds like Mike is ready for Gallo to really show up this season, I dont think him just getting by on knocking down 3's is going to fly.

    I happen to agree with Mike on this one. The bar was set pretty low for Gallo last year, all we wanted to see was could he hold up for whole season while somewhat producing without there being any issues with his back.....ok mission complete

    But now he needs to take that next step. He needs to be a difference maker every single night he is on the floor even when his shot is not falling!

    I liked the game with him trading shots with Melo, but the next step if for him to be the reason a player like Melo is in foul trouble because he is going at him so hard or even better, he be the reason a player like Melo is having an off game.

    Now I like Gallo, I love the kid's heart....but now is the time for him to decide if he is going to be a impact player or a role player.

    I'm not even expecting an All Star, but he needs to look to be a leader out there for us.....or he needs to step to the side and follow

    Coming into the draft his best case/worst case was Hedo/Mike Dunlevy and I think we accepted Mike D last year because we were just happy to see him not being affected by the back, but now he is arguably the second best player on the team and it is time to show and prove.

    For the record....I am not doubting the kid at all, I can see the potential in him but I'm just saying it is time to bring out the potential.

    Gallo playing as good as he can be would be the reason we would be a playoff team.
    I agree as well, h has to be consistent and he HAS to use the post more and drive to the hoop to draw fouls.

    He had one game were he drove to the basket almost every time he had the ball and he drew a foul EVERYTIME...he can flop pretty good on offense and look like he is getting killed going up to the basket, he has to use that to his advantage, having a guy who draw fouls kills the opposing can ruin lineups by having starters sit out and it stops the clock to give you points ..its the best productive way to win games.

    I expect Gallo to always hit the open shot and I expect him to be the second leading scorer next to Amare almost every night.

    I also expect him to improve on defense ad rebounding and most of all he has to not have another shooting slump, that was dreadful.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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