By Chris Sheridan

LAS VEGAS -- Amare Stoudemire's availability for Team USA was thrown into doubt Monday night after questions were raised over whether his contract with the New York Knicks could be insured to allow him to play in a FIBA competition, sources told

The news was both a blow to Team USA and to the Knicks, who signed Stoudemire to a five-year, $99.8 million contract earlier this month.

Stoudemire underwent knee and eye surgeries while playing for the Phoenix Suns, but it was believed he was fully recovered from both conditions.

But the company that insures Knicks players' contracts communicated its doubts, and it now appears Stoudemire will be unavailable for Team USA at the World Championship in Turkey in late August and early September.

Further details on Stoudemire's status were expected to be disclosed Tuesday, when Team USA was scheduled to hold its first practice.

Stoudemire could not immediately be reached for comment.

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I'm gonna have to give this an enormous, reverberating

Thumbs up!

Injuries to $100M players are carcinogenic. This, simply put, lessens the chance of seeing our franchise player get ruined by some angry, European potato eater.